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Otsuka Canada Pharmaceutical Inc. (OCPI) is an innovative, fast-growing health care company that commercializes Otsuka medicines in Canada, with a focus on commitment to neuroscience, and nephrology. OCPI is dedicated to improving patients’ health and the quality of human life.

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We encourage our employees to dream. Then we give them the freedom to reach for those dreams.

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Montreal, Canada, January 24, 2024

Health Canada Approves Otsuka and Lundbeck’s REXULTI® (brexpiprazole) for the Symptomatic Management of Agitation Associated with Alzheimer’s Dementia

tsuka Pharmaceutical Canada Inc. (Otsuka) and Lundbeck Canada Inc. (Lundbeck) announce that Health Canada has issued a Notice of Compliance for REXULTI® (brexpiprazole) for use in the symptomatic management of agitation associated with Alzheimer’s dementia (AAD) in patients with aggressive behaviour, unresponsive to non-pharmacological approaches.

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Otsuka Canada Pharmaceutical Inc. (OCPI) is dedicated to improving patients’ health and the quality of human life.
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The Otsuka culture and big venture approach is our everyday story and competitive advantage.
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Since 1921 we have nurtured the spirit of curiosity, creativity, and perseverance in our people, to bring healthcare products to patients worldwide.
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Find out more about how OCPI supports medical education and our involvement in the community.
OCPI has it’s headquarters in Technoparc Montreal, in St-Laurent, Quebec.
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