The Otsuka culture and big venture approach is our story and competitive advantage.


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Otsuka employees share a unique and tireless passion to enhance the health and quality of human life around the world. But improving lives is more than a job—it’s a dream. And here, we understand what it means to turn those dreams into reality. It takes perseverance to succeed. It requires unconventional approaches to solving problems for our customers and communities. Through our unconventional way of thinking, we have and will continue to succeed in our promise to create new and better healthcare products and solutions.

We listen and learn from our alliance relationships, customers, and each other. We respectfully challenge and debate important issues so that our energies are targeted most productively.

At Otsuka, creativity is our way of life, and our unique culture is our guiding force.

All for Creativity

Otsuka has expanded worldwide by developing businesses driven by highly original products. But what does it take to develop a unique product without imitating anyone else? And what kinds of difficulties and challenges must be overcome to develop and deliver that kind of special product to the market? Watch this hand-drawn animated video to get a sense of the passion of Otsuka people and the story of their innovative activities.

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