Notice on Fraudulent Solicitations For Investment, Scam Recruiting or Business Opportunities

Otsuka Holdings Co., Ltd. has become aware that persons purporting to be either employees of the Otsuka Group or members of securities firms have been proposing business partnerships, or soliciting investments to build factories, research facilities or nursing homes on behalf of the Otsuka Group. Please note that Otsuka has absolutely no plans to issue any corporate bonds or to invite the public to invest in such facilities. Otsuka has no relationship whatsoever with these fraudulent solicitations. Therefore, we ask you to be cautious if anyone contacts you claiming to be an employee of our group or a member of a securities firm proposing a business partnership, soliciting your investment in our facilities or in a similar venture.

If you receive a suspicious e-mail or call, please contact your nearest relevant authorities for advice.

In addition, Otsuka and its affiliates are aware of instances in which members of the public have received e-mails, messages via social media, or telephone calls from a person claiming to be an official with Otsuka Pharmaceutical’s human resources department, asking for your personal information in relation to an alleged offer of recruitment to conduct activities for Otsuka, or proposing a business opportunity. Should you receive any suspicious e-mails, messages via social media or telephone calls, please contact the Otsuka affiliate in your jurisdiction.

In Canada please contact:

These incidents should be reported to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (CAFC) by phone or online.
Phone: 1-888-495-8501 [PHONEBUSTERS]
Online: Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre;
or to the RCMP

For other jurisdictions, please consult:

We appreciate your help in this matter.