RETURNED GOODS POLICY FOR Otsuka Canada Pharmaceutical Inc. (OCPI)

Effective June 1st 2017


  • A returned goods authorization (RGA) number must be obtained to return an OCPI product.  Returns must be accompanied by an itemized RGA form placed in the box.  Returns are for credit only. To obtain a RGA number and form:

For all OCPI Products [excluding ABILIFY® (tabs)] call 1-855-OTSUKA2 (855-687-8522), fax to 450-552-8085 (1-844 552-8085 Toll Free) or email

  • OCPI must receive returns within thirty (30) days of the return authorization date specified in the RGA, failing which the RGA becomes void.
  • Where applicable, OCPI will credit acceptable returns to the purchasing party within sixty (60) days of OCPI’s receipt of both the completed RGA form and the product(s) being returned.

Please note that OCPI field personnel cannot accept or approve the return of OCPI products


  • Credit for returned product will be issued based on receipt of proof of purchase from OCPI directly or from an authorized distributor of record of OCPI.
  • Credit will be issued on unopened, expired products received by OCPI, within one (1) year after the product expiration date.
  • Credit for returned product will be issued at the lower of published price that is in effect in the province where the product was originally purchased, at the time the returned product is received by OCPI, and the actual price paid for the returned item in question.
  • All products returned, whether eligible for credit or not, become the property of OCPI.
  • Any credit issued by OCPI pursuant to this policy will be issued to Authorized Distributors of Record (ADR), such as wholesalers, distributors and other direct accounts. Indirect customers such as retail and hospital pharmacies should return product(s) to the distributor from who the product was acquired as they will be issued credit memos through their ADR for eligible returned products.
  • If you have a question or concerns regarding the merchantability of an OCPI product, please contact
  • Product that has been expired for a year or more (calculated from the date OCPI received a request for an RGA number to return these items).
  • Unexpired product, including product with a remaining shelf life of six (6) months or more (i.e. expiry date will be reached in six (6) months or more, calculated from the date OCPI received a request for an RGA number to return these product(s)).
  • Product not purchased directly from OCPI or from an Authorized Distributor of Record (ADR) of OCPI.
  • Product for which OCPI cannot verify original proof of purchase.
  • Product(s) sold expressly as non-returnable or product(s) provided free of charge.
  • Non-commercial product(s). This includes, but is not limited to, product(s) in packages marked “professional sample”, “professional package”, “clinical trial package” or with similar labels.
  • Commercial product(s) no longer in their original, unopened and unaltered packages (for example, an unopened package on which a pharmacy label was affixed), or with an illegible lot number or expiry date.
  • Partial product units will not be accepted for credit.
  • Product(s) damaged by negligence, fire, water, smoke, or any other insurable event due to conditions beyond the reasonable control of OCPI, or bankruptcy sales.
  • OCPI reserves the right to exclude a future product from this policy by communicating a separate product-specific returned goods policy.
  • Customer is to pre-pay all transportation and insurance charges for returned product(s). OCPI is not obligated to pay all or any charges incurred by the customer (indirect or otherwise) in processing or returning products. OCPI reserves the right to refuse returns shipped collect.
  • OCPI reserves the right to limit the time for accepting returns for delivery of short shipped/damaged product to 5 business working days
  • OCPI is not responsible for lost returns or returns damaged in shipment.
  • All products are returned with the understanding that they are subject to final review and evaluation by OCPI and will be processed in accordance with the Returned Goods Policy version that is in effect at the time the return is received.
  • OCPI reserves the right to modify the Returned Goods Policy at any time, and/or to grant exceptions to this policy, at OCPI’s discretion, to comply with specific provincial regulation requirements or otherwise.



All returns are to be made prepaid to:

C/O LSU Inc.

Returns Department

PHONE NUMBER:   1-855-OTSUKA2 (855-687-8522)


1375 Newton

Boucherville, Québec

J4B 5H2

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